Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday practice

It was another crazy day of battling the weather in Florida. Record-levels of rain continue to fall throughout the state. The rains tapered off about 10:30 a.m. with a window of clearing that was supposed to hold until 5 p.m., Cal's scheduled practice time. In order to make sure that the team got to practice, the whole schedule was pushed up three hours (on very short notice). So, instead of going to lunch and to the laundromat, the team instead headed to the softball stadium and to practice.
An hour in the cage and an hour in the field gave the Bears their first normal practice since Tallahassee. Gone were the days of practicing in indoor batting cages or in parking lots and hotel tennis courts. The Bears had the field, learning to adjust to the humid conditions they will be playing in this weekend.
After practice, the team went to an early dinner at the Olive Garden before heading back to the hotel to unwind, their last free night before the Super Regional officially begins.
CLICK HERE to see an online album of pictures from practice.

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