Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday morning practice

Practicing on the road is always a challenge, especially when one is 113 miles from the field you are playing on and dealing with record-breaking rain totals. However, when one is trying to make it to the College World Series, one finds a way.
The team did a light practice Tuesday and then a full practice Wednesday night at an indoor batting cage. Originally they had planned to do all of their practices at UCF, but due to the torrential rains, that field was no longer an option. So it was practice at the hotel on Thursday morning. A big open area behind the restaurant and three vacant tennis courts became the Bears practice facility. The weather allowed a window of opportunity for the team to be outside.
The pitchers had a chance to throw, the hitters took their cuts with whiffle balls off the tee on the tennis court. More importantly, the practice gave the team a chance to remember the important number one goal of the trip: winning two and heading to Oklahoma City.

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